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Pretty Good Twine FiberNET ReflectorNET


Baling Twinet, Netwrap, Silage Film & More

PRETTY GOOD TWINE is a distributor for bale packaging supplies. We offer high quality agricultural products with great service at a very reasonable price.

Some of our products include:
Net Wrap, Plastic Baler Twine, Hay Tarps, Silage Film, & Hay Preservative

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Concrete Reinforcment Fibers

FIBERNET fibers main objective is controlling drying shrinkage cracks in slab-on-grade applications. Previously mats or rolls of welded wire were used. The added costs of handling, delivery, storage, and injuries make synthetic fibers a better choice. During the pouring and finishing process, fibers spread through the concrete mix aiding in suspension and promoting uniform bleeding. Uniformly distributed fibers provide three-dimensional reinforcement to the concrete.

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Stretch Pallet Netting

REFLECTORNET is an elastic pallet wrapping net typically used in the Agricultural Business for palletizing fresh produce which requires ventilation. This product can also be used with frozen foods, seeds, turf, flowers, plants, aggregates, lumber, firewood, and bricks.

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